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The Encyclopedia Of Picture Chords For All Keyboardists

256 pages, Item number 1705982ED
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This great reference book has chord name, photo, keyboard diagram, and the notes of the chord for over 1000 keyboard chords. This book is divided into twelve parts - one part for every key. These parts are arranged chromatically - one half step at a time - from the key of C up to the key of B. The first section contains chords that are mode up of three or four notes and can be played with one hand. These are chords such as major, minor, augmented, diminished, and so on. The second section is made up of chords with five or more notes and are usually played with two hands. These chords are extended chords, such as 9, major 13, and more. Also included is a section on chord construction covering intervals, inversions, altered triads and enharmonic spelling.

Product Format: Reference Book

Publisher: This piece was published by Amsco Publications.

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